This page includes several links that will aid the volunteer in understanding how WRD operates and best communication practices when working with both WRD and refugees.

Communication Protocol

This page includes everything you need to know about how and when to contact WRD staff when working with refugees. 


An interpreter is necessary to clearly communicate important messages across language barriers. The role of an interpreter is to be the voice of each person communicating. Many of the interpreters who work for World Relief Durham have been through the resettlement process themselves, and are respected leaders in their communities. This page details when interpreters are available to use and tips on working with an interpreter.

Volunteer Logs

As a volunteer agency, keeping track of volunteer hours is of upmost importance. This information is used to determine the funding and grants we receive, so it is imperative that every hour volunteered is tracked. When working with match grant clients the hours volunteered directly impact the client and the funding they receive that keeps them from using government assistance.


Serving the refugee is our highest priority. Therefore, we want to be respectful of any information they disclose and ensure an environment of trust in which they will feel comfortable.

Helpful Terms & Acronyms

This page is a comprehensive listing of terms that may appear on World Relief forms and communication.