WRD wants to maintain an environment for minors that is above reproach. This policy can seem intense, but it's important for volunteers to contribute to the safety of minors in all interactions.

All WRD volunteers should:

  • Follow a “two adult rule” where 2 adults are present and supervising all activities with children whenever possible. When not possible, alternatives include being accompanied by a community member.

  • Avoid bringing children into your home alone, or spending time with them in their home alone.

  • Avoid giving excessive attention or showing favoritism to one child.


  • All persons are responsible for reporting suspected physical or sexual abuse and conditions of neglect involving minors in accordance with their state’s mandatory reporting laws. Report must be made where there is "reasonable suspicion" of maltreatment.

  • Volunteers are obliged to create and maintain an environment which prevents all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse.