Volunteer opportunities with WRD volunteer team! 

We're now accepting new volunteers! Here's how you can sign up to serve with us: 

1. Sign up for volunteer orientation here
2. After volunteer orientation, our volunteer coordinators will send you a link to the volunteer application
3. Get matched with a refugee family and start serving
4. Track your hours on this form

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Friendship Partners (FPs) are friends with refugees who assist them in specific areas of need. When refugees arrive to the U.S., they are oftentimes isolated from the greater community or a support system. Friendship Partners (FPs) are individuals who want to love on the refugee community by spending time with them, showing them emotional support and assisting with their adjustment to the U.S. through relationship. Click here for more information.


We're launching our new Youth Services Program and need your help! We're looking for volunteers to commit to mentoring and tutoring refugee and immigrant students. Click here for more information.


We're looking forward to World Relief Durham's Youth Refugee & Immigrant Summer Enrichment (RISE) Camp. The goal of this camp is to provide refugee & immigrant youth with opportunities to combat summer learning loss in a culturally and linguistically supported environment- but we need your help! Click here for more information.


We're accepting donations to meet various refugee needs. Check out this link to see how you can contribute (donate)


We contract out work and are always looking for individuals who would be willing to interpret on behalf of World Relief and on behalf of the refugees we serve. Click here for more information.

Other Volunteer Opportunities & Services

In light of reductions to refugee arrivals, these services are not needed at this time, but are still ways World Relief serves refugees and may ask for your volunteer efforts again in the future:


Apartment Set up Teams are formed when a refugee or refugee family is arriving to the states and prepare the home for your refugee partner. Tasks include filling the house with furniture, groceries, and other essentials. Click here for more information.


Good Neighbor Teams (GNT)are a group of people partnered for friendship with a newly arrived refugee group or family. The GNT makes weekly visits with their refugee partner for at least 6 months. Click here for more information.


In this role, you will join a small group to welcome a new refugee partner to the U.S. by meeting them at the airport and helping them get to their new home. You will help create “Welcome to the U.S.” signs and provide a small welcome gift. After assisting in this way, you will say good bye to your new friends, and hopefully meet up with them again to continue a friendship. Click here for more information.


If you are interested in housing a refugee or refugee family, of if you think you have another housing opportunity, we ask that you contact our World Relief Durham Office so we can set up a time to talk. Click here to contact us.

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