Volunteer Logs

Log your hours, mileage and donations using a smart phone!

Volunteers can now log activity on the app/website Track it Forward!

*The option to use paper volunteer logs or email is still available if you prefer. 

How to register with Track it Forward:

Visit this page to sign up.

Create a profile by entering your information. | Click "sign up." | Now you can start logging hours, mileage and donations!  

Access the App Store on your smart phone (if applicable) and download "OurVolts" (the app is not called "Track it Forward") after you create a profile on a computer.

Tips for logging information:

Each individual volunteer is to enter this information after each volunteer experience.

If volunteers choose to input their data once a month rather than each time they volunteer, data should be inputted by the 25th of each month. 

Please list your partnered refugees' name in the notes section (if applicable). 


Hours include transportation to or from the volunteer experience, as well as activities you do to prepare for experience (i.e., sending emails). 


Mileage does not include transportation to and from volunteer experience.



Do your best to choose the activity, even if it does not perfectly describe the activity in which you engaged.

Some tips: Friendship: Social adjustment services or Community orientation | ASUTs: Delivery/moving | WTs: Transportation



List your partnered refugee's first and last name each time you submit a log. Describe what you all did in detail. If you donated something, include the estimated value.