The bus system is the primary way that the majority of refugees travel around the Triangle. However, when they arrive, they have no knowledge of how to ride the bus, to where to ride the bus, or on which bus to ride. It is important for refugees to learn the system early on in their time in the U.S so that they can travel to medical appointments, social services, the grocery store, the public library, etc. Durham residents use the DATA bus system, and Raleigh residents use the CAT bus system. WRD provides bus passes for refugee clients so they can get to important locations when they first arrive. It is crucial that refugees learn how to navigate the bus system independently, otherwise they will be continually dependent on someone else to transport them.

Volunteers’ Role: Outside of WRD’s bus transportation classes, refugees often need additional help in understanding the public transportation system.

Tips for Helping Refugees with Transportation:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Bus System via the above links

  2. All roads lead to Rome! In Durham, every bus will go to Durham Station eventually.

  3. Get the right connection: If you need to be on bus 10B, don't try to go via bus 10 or 10A. Wait for the 10B connection.

  4. Avoid driving refugees in your car, as this will prevent refugees from learning how to get around. There are exceptions to this rule, but if they are trying to get somewhere they will go on a regular basis, it is best that they learn how to get there themselves.

  5. If possible, a bicycle donation can be a great way to help a refugee get around.

  6. The Cultural Orientation Resource Center has a set of activities that volunteers can do with their partnered refugees. The Transportation toolkit contains activities and games about transportation basics, rules and protocol, etc.

  7. If a refugee needs transportation for a Doctor's Appointment, see our Medicaid Transportation Page for scheduling rides.

Below are Simple Instructions to Help Refugees Navigate the Bus System

These are arranged by the apartment complexes and places that refugees will need go to on a consistent basis:

From Colonial Townhomes

From Duke Manor

From Oak Creek Village

From World Relief Durham