Minimum of three full, eight-hour days with preference of five full, eight-hour days.

Internship timeframe:

This is a summer-only intern program: May 2018-August 2018

Reports to:

WRD's Refugee & Immigrant Youth Services Coordinator

Internship Description:

This position will combine a variety of activities to ensure that a refugee youth summer enrichment program runs smoothly. Many refugee youth lack a place to continue their education and practice their English skills when school closes during the summer. The refugee youth summer program offers an opportunity for ongoing enrichment, and a place to continue developing friendships and community with other youth. The intern will contribute to the development of a curriculum; plan activities for the summer youth program; collect and ensure all supplies and materials are available for each day’s activities; ensure youth safety and parent understanding of the program. During the summer program, the intern will also coordinate/oversee activities for youth; be a point person for volunteer communication before, during, and after the program; and facilitate transportation for refugees between their homes and the program each day. The administrative side of this internship requires the ability to be detail-oriented, organized, and efficient. We are willing to help you grow in these skills if you are willing to show up every day with a good, open attitude. This is a great internship for someone interested in child development or education, but applicants are not limited to these courses of study.

General Internship Responsibilities:

Building Program Content (Along with Program Leader)

  • Working with program leader to create groups which the students will be placed
  • Assist in structuring the program, with curriculum for each group level
  • Securing and organizing resources that will come in on a one-time/limited-time basis to provide enrichment for students (i.e. art instructors, yoga instructors, guest speakers)
  • Plan field trip(s) for the students and carry through the various steps to make the field trips successful

Volunteer Leadership

  • Assist in the recruitment of volunteers
  • Facilitate the volunteer application process
  • Communicate with volunteers regarding qualifications for volunteering in the program, the steps to apply to be a volunteer, and the various volunteer opportunities
  • Help to match volunteers’ talents to roles in the program

Day-to-Day Operation of the Summer Enrichment Program

  • Be onsite each day of the program to facilitate the program and be the point-person for volunteers
  • Oversee the volunteers and ensure that the tenants of the program are being maintained (no proselytizing, for example)
  • Receive feedback from the volunteers on a daily/weekly basis and discuss with the program lead (Sarah Pence) to adjust the program as needed

Fundraising Assistance

  • Reach out to local businesses to request donations of food and resources for the program needs
  • Keep detailed records of what was received