Meet Karim. Karim is a refugee from Iran, resettled in Durham through our Match Grant program. When asked about his first experience of the U.S., Karim said, When I [got off] the airplane and saw the American people, at once I felt that I should try to forget the past like a kid that had found his family. I thought that none of the Americans would have any problems with me, they think like me, and I think like them. Meanwhile I saw all the people smiling; it was like a garden to me. I had known some Americans in Iran and worked with them, and I knew they were polite and I had learned that from them. I thought I should be able to not be misunderstood by the people because I have spent many times with all different people. I wanted to show my inside to the people, exactly what I think. Before the U.S., I had to show something else to the people, things I didn’t really believe. But here, I should try to show my real personality. But it is still difficult for me to do that. Return to the gallery to learn more about Karim’s journey and Match Grant Sponsorship or Sign Up Today.