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RISE Camp works to provide refugee & immigrant youth with opportunities to combat summer learning loss in a culturally and linguistically supported environment- but we need your help!


TBD!  As COVID-19 restrictions are implemented and lifted, we're unsure of how camp will operate at this time. We will hope to make decisions on camp in the near future. 

Volunteer Driven

Last year, we had more counselors on staff than we had participants. Many of these counselors were fluent in common refugee languages such as Arabic, Swahili, Pashto, Farsi, and Karen.

Last year our program hosted 60 students. This year we are anticipating 100-150 students who will primarily be attending from Hope Valley Elementary, Forest View Elementary, and Jordan High School.

While most of the campers will be K-8, we’re hoping to have high school students present as well for a twofold purpose: 1.) They’ll receive their own enrichment activities/workshops, and 2.) they’ll act as junior counselors at times.

Enrichment Activities

The major activities you will be assisting with as a volunteer are: 

  • tutoring using English and Math curriculum from World Relief

  • a series of STEM- and literacy-focused day trips

  • hands-on team-building activities

  • various sessions on interpersonal skills such as an anti-bullying presentation

  • and a number of other forms of enrichment (if you have an idea for extracurricular activities, i.e. dance, yoga, nutrition, etc, please contact Rob Callus)

  • Lunches and snacks will be provided with support from DPS Nutrition Services with special meals donated throughout the week from local restaurants.

Ideal Volunteers

Ideal volunteers will have classroom management or experience (as much of the activities will revolve around tutoring and education), but the opportunity is open to all professions, vocations, and interests. Volunteers are asked to be: committed to the times for which they sign up; friendly and flexible; excited to work and help students; and demonstrate patience. The most important thing is a positive attitude, a desire to have fun, and an encouraging spirit for the youth who will be participating in the program.

Learn more!


Contact Rob Callus at, or call 919-519-1133.


Our camp is made possible by the generous support of our community partners: