To help churches focus on their refugee neighbors, WRD encourages churches to host a Refugee Sunday. This event is flexible and easy. Your church can adapt a Refugee Sunday by selecting and using the following resources appropriate to your church setting. You can also invite our World Relief Durham staff to come and speak. The following resources are provided to help your church learn more about refugees. If you are looking for more specific or other resources, please feel free to contact our office. WRD is open to any new and creative ideas as well.

Church Engagement Resources

Educational Videos and Resources

World Relief has multiple video clips to help your congregation understand the journey of refugees coming to the U.S., lives of refugees after, etc. Playing these clips in services, classes or small groups can promote understanding and encourage involvement in the lives of vulnerable neighbors.

  • Lamentation & Empowerment - Rev. Chris Furr's Vigil Message - Audio (16:19)
  • World Relief History - Video (2:29)
  • Welcoming the Stranger - An Overview - Video (6:10)
  • We Welcome Refugees - Video (2:16)
  • God Grew Tired of Us (2007) - Video 1 (7:19) | Video 2 (2:43) These videos feature a group of Sudanese refugees journeying to the U.S., their new home, after waiting years to be admitted to the country as refugees. Click here to read a NYT review of the documentary film.
  • The Good Lie (2014) - Trailer (2:31)This movie is about the Sudanese Lost Boys. Focuses on the civil war, life at the refugee camp and life after settling in the U.S. Click here to read a NYT review.
  • Human Flow (2017) - Trailer (2:41) This documentary was created by a refugee about the world refugee crisis. It focuses on civil wars and political environments that have forced people from their homes, and tells the vulnerable stories of those involved. Available for rent from Amazon. 
  • Refugee Vetting Process in the U.S. - Video (3:35) This WSJ video is an overview of the extensive U.S. vetting process for refugees.
  • General Overview of the Refugee Crisis and the Syrian Crisis - Video (6:16) (Note: this video is not affiliated with World Relief and is provided for general informative purposes).
  • Volunteering with WRD - This Video (2:32) is a visual of what volunteering with WRD looks like.
  • Engage: Immigration, the Refugee, and the Church - This Video (1:26:33) Discusses the in depth the facts about immigration and refugees in the U.S. and how the church is to respond to our neighbors from around the world.
  • Rain in a Dry Land - This Video (9:02) illustrates the life of refugees in camps and their preparations for coming to America.
  • Screening Syrian Refugees - This Video (4:00) explains the process through which a refugee goes before they are admitted to the U.S.
  • Syria: The Search for Refuge - This Video (5:48) shows what it took for one man to find his way to freedom and pursue an education.
  • The Power of Relationship - This Video (5:30) shows how the relationship between a World Relief volunteer and a refugee became so much more than friendship, but kinship.
  • The Valley of Children - Video (7:40) This short film produced by World Relief Memphis artistically tells the beautiful stories of several refugee families and their transition to America, as well as their connection with World Relief volunteers. 
  • Love in Action - Video (1:20) A short video from World Relief about what it means to love with "actions and in truth." 
  • Al's Story - Video (4:03) When violent extremists burned down his mother’s medical clinic and attempted to kidnap him, Al and his parents fled Iraq and were eventually resettled in the U.S. Watch his incredible journey, then join the campaign to help refugees rebuild their lives.
  • Reverend Bill Bigger of Durham - Video (1:48) Convinced that more needs to be done to help those fleeing wars and persecution, he persuaded his congregation in this southern city to turn a rundown brick home on church property into a haven for refugees

More Resources

Small Group Discussion Guides : Once you've seen it, it is hard to ignore. There are so many stories in the Bible about being an immigrant or refugee. It's a whole new way to think about Scripture. Watch the videos and read to gain a new perspective. 

Refugee Simulation

To experience how it feels like to become a refugee, this is a great tool to use with a group. 


Access a general presentation about WRD, refugees, resettlement and ways to get involved by clicking here. An individual from your church can lead this presentation, or WRD staff are available to come and present on God’s concern for refugees and immigrants. The presentation can be edited to be any length or for various audiences (a small group, the entire congregation, a youth gathering, etc.) 

Access a presentation with 2016 refugee resettlement statistics in the Durham area by clicking here. This presentation gives information about which resettlement agencies operate in the Triangle as well as statistics on our various volunteer opportunities. 


These photos of refugees can be used during the presentation: link


These infographics can be used for a visual representation of information that is quick to understand.

Special Prayer/Offering for Refugees

Include a special time of prayer/offering in your service to ask God’s blessings on refugees living in our community, those who serve them, and to ask God’s guidance in how your congregation should be involved in the lives of these vulnerable neighbors.

We also encourage you to walk through the "I Was A Stranger" 40-day prayer guide with your congregation.