Working with single men:

We love that many of our volunteers have children and invite their children to come along when visiting refugees. However, because of this, many volunteers request to work with refugee families. Therefore, the community of refugee single men is often neglected by volunteers. This community is often in the most need because they have the least amount of money (they only receive money for one person). WRD encourages volunteers to consider working with the single men population. Keep in mind that women volunteering alone with single men is inappropriate, and would need to be able to have other men accompany them while visiting.  

What about serving the refugee community with your children? 

Sometimes potential Good Neighbor Team members and volunteers express reservation or even concern about becoming involved with refugees because of concern about involving their children, or what their children would be exposed to.

First, we prefer for ministry and friendship with refugees to take place in the context of full families engaging with refugees. It is a beautiful and healthy opportunity. Second, below are a few biblical reasons why this is a desired opportunity for parents to serve with their children engaging along with them:

Serving refugees from various places in the world, various backgrounds and faiths is one of the great joys and tasks of the church of Jesus Christ. Through entering relationship with refugees, providing empowerment to them, and discussing life with them, including salvation through Jesus, we are taking part in obeying Jesus’ command. Our children need to see us doing this, and experience it with us. Acts 1.8

The living out, talking about and journeying through our relationship with God, in open viewing of our children, is actually a command from God, that our relationship with Him not only be something we discuss with them and teach them, but something that they journey through, experience and grapple through with us. Deuteronomy 6.5-8

Just as Paul told the Church to follow his example of pursuing and growing with Jesus, so our children need to be able to follow our example. That happens by experiencing life, ministry and evangelism with us. 1 Cor 11.1; 2 Timothy 1.13 What about my children hearing other worldviews and belief systems?

What an opportunity – for our children to interact with people from other worldviews, to see how the hope of the gospel of Jesus transcends and redeems anyone, from any background. We do not need to hide (ourselves or our children) from other world views, but engage them with the gospel, in contrast with other world views, which reveals God’s wisdom and grace! 1 Corinthians 1.18-31