Minimum of 15 hours per week (full, eight-hour days are not required)

Internship timeframe:

Full-time interns (serving more than 20 hour per week) serve a minimum of one semester. Part-time (serving up to 20 hours per week) serve a minimum of two semesters. 

 WRD is taking applications for this position for Fall 2019. 

Reports to:

A WRD Case Specialist 

Internship Description

We are thrilled to bring you this brand new internship opportunity! This intern will assist with managing medical appointments (primary care, specialists, dental, urgent care, etc.) for all newly arrived refugees. They will assist with scheduling, communicating appointments to clients (refugees), and transporting cases to appointments. They will also assist with bill payment, medical insurance follow-up, and helping refugees apply for health insurance when their 8 months of Refugee Medical Assistance (Medicaid) has expired. Since our clients are spread throughout the Triangle area, this is a fantastic opportunity for a pre-med student or any person interested in healthcare to familiarize herself with a wide range of providers and to get an up close view at what health in the U.S. looks like for populations often marginalized (non-English speakers, low-income, limited health insurance, no knowledge of U.S. health systems, etc.).

General Internship Responsibilities:

Interns assist with nearly all the tasks required of case specialists as they assist newly arrived refugees. Associated appointments are outlined in the list of Core Services on our website. A sample of administrative tasks are listed here (link). Those documents may be hard to understand without an orientation to our programs, but should give you a general idea of tasks.