Volunteers with Match Grant clients: In general, refugee clients are either resettled through WRD’s Match Grant program or its R&P program. If a volunteer is working with a Match Grant client, it is absolutely crucial that volunteers turn in their volunteer logs so that WRD and its refugee clients can receive proper funding from this program.


What is the Match Grant Program? The purpose of the Match Grant (MG) Program is to help enrollees attain economic self-sufficiency through the provision of comprehensive case management and services leading to employment within 120 to 180 days after the date of arrival. The refugee must achieve self-sufficiency without accessing public cash assistance. The MG program provides the Refugee enrolled with additional financial support throughout the program, at various levels, to assist the refugee as he or she seeks self-sufficiency. Enrollment is very selective and the program has several requirements the refugees must fulfill during their period of eligibility. Please note that not all refugees that WRD resettles are a part of the MG program. If a volunteer is partnering with a refugee in the MG program, the volunteer will be notified.   


Requirements: The MG program requires that both WRD and the Refugee adhere to certain guidelines, so that the program can be as successful as possible. When the MG program is successful, it enables Refugees to reach self-sufficiency at a faster rate and in a more permanent manner. Not only that, but a successful MG program will help WRD to gain more slots for potential candidates.

WRD agrees to:

  • Help the Refugee find a job.

  • Enroll them in English classes.

  • Link the Refugee and his or her family to a team of volunteers.

  • Provide the Refugee with temporary cash assistance.

  • Provide the Refugee with temporary rent/utilities assistance.

  • Provide the refugee with access to transportation.

The Refugee agrees to:

  • Seek Employment individually

  • Attend 4 comprehensive employment classes; of which include interactive role play activities, such as practice interviews.

  • Attend English classes, and turn in attendance logs.

  • Bring Utility bills to the WRD office, and come to the office for their 4 cash assistance checks. (1 per month, for the initial 4 months)


Volunteers also play a very important role in the MG Program: According to the program guidelines WRD and the participating refugee MUST maintain accurate and up-to-date Volunteer Provided Service Records:

  • WRD must provide monthly signed service records specifying the date and service rendered for each instance where a volunteer provides support.

  • In addition to the monthly reports, WRD must report a final summation of all volunteer hours and in-kind contributions provided to Match Grant clients BEFORE the refugee reaches their 180th day post-arrival. This requirement binds WRD as an agency, as well as individual participating refugees.

Volunteer Logs: MG-participating refugees must have records of all the donations and help they receive from others (i.e. volunteer logs). The success of the program depends on our office matching each federal investment with an investment from our community. The MG refugee is only able to receive help from the government because other refugees and their volunteers kept an accurate and updated record of the help provided to them. It is important that volunteers write down anything they do or give to the refugee or their family. Volunteers should submit their volunteer logs to the volunteer coordinator by the 25th of each month.


Do Match Grant volunteers have to fill out a different volunteer log than regular volunteers? No, Match Grant volunteers may fill out the same form as regular volunteers. If necessary, they may also send an email to the Match Grant coordinator in lieu of a volunteer log to document donations given or time spent assisting the refugee.