Lincoln Community Health Center - Primary Care Appointments

Lincoln Community Health Center

Address: 1301 Fayetteville St, Durham, NC 27717

Phone: (919) 956-4000

  1. Plan to arrive to Lincoln Community Health Center at least 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled primary care appointment of the refugees you are assisting.
  2. If picking up refugee(s) from their apartment, before you leave for the appointment, ask to see their Medicaid cards and medical history documents. The refugees may not have received any medical history documents yet, so you can attend the appointment without those documents. However, they must bring the Medicaid cards.
  3. If the refugee(s) are meeting you at the health center, then meet there at the time given to you by a WRD staff member. Typically this will be 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to the appointment.
  4. Park in the parking lot or on street parking surrounding the health center.
  5. Enter through the front doors of the building and approach the information desk directly ahead
  6. Inform the administrator that you have patients attending their first primary care appointments who need to complete new patient enrollment paperwork
  7. The administrator will direct you on completing new patient enrollment paperwork. You will need to look at the refugee(s) Medicaid cards to gather information such as the correct spelling of a name, birth date, and Medicaid number when assisting with filling out the paperwork. Ask the administrator about any questions with regards to completing the paperwork.
  8. When finished, return the new patient enrollment paperwork to the administrator at the information desk. They will give you a number in line, and you will wait until being called back to meet with a different administrator.
  9. When you meet with the administrator, remember that the refugee is the patient and you are simply an advocate. Allow the refugee to answer questions independently if possible, and only step in if needed to assist in responding. If any part of the paperwork has not been completed by this point, the administrator will assist you in completing it.
  10. Once this meeting is finished, you will accompany the refugee(s) to check in for their primary care appointment.
  11. If the appointment is for adults, you will stand in the check in line to the right of the information desk (if you are facing the information desk). If you are checking in children, you will head straight down the hallway on the right of the information desk (if you are facing the information desk). At the end of the hallway on your left there will be a line to check in children for primary care appointments.
  12. At check in, you may ask refugees that speak English to inform the administrator that they are checking in for their first primary care appointment. For refugees that do not speak English, you can communicate with the administrator and remind them of the refugee’s need for Language Line during the appointment (Language Line is an over-the-phone interpretation service offered by the health center).
  13. Give the refugees the primary care appointment handout from World Relief that they will show to the nurse or doctor.
  14. Ensure the refugees know the bus route to return to their apartment. From Lincoln Community Health Center to Oak Creek Village: From the health center, take bus 5 to Durham Station, From Durham Station, take bus 10 to Oak Creek Village.
  15. You may choose to wait until the refugees finish their appointment in order to assist with any follow up instructions from their physician. You may also choose to leave and inform the refugees to take the bus back to their apartment when their appointments are finished.