Initial Cash Assistance

There are three general sources for funding:

  • Welcome Money: Each refugee, no matter their age, receives $975 when they first arrive, and it's given to them in increments over their resettlement period of 1-3 months. This is usually used for housing expenses, such as the security deposit, utilities, or rent.

  • Social Services Benefits: Refugees qualify for different programs like Medicaid, Food Stamps, Disability, etc. Once they get jobs they must reapply.

  • Refugee Cash Assistance/Work First: Refugee cash assistance is given to single refugees. Families can receive benefits through the Work First program, where if they can prove they are taking English classes and are looking for a job, they will receive this benefit.

The Match Grant Program is another way for refugees to receive funding. The purpose of the program is to help enrollees attain economic self-sufficiency through the provision of comprehensive case management and services leading to employment within 120-180 days after the program eligibility date. The client must achieve self-sufficiency without accessing public cash assistance. Please note that not all refugees that WRD resettles are a part of the Match Grant program. For more information on the program, click here.