What is Halal Meat?

Muslim dietary codes forbid the eating of pork and the use of intoxicating drinks. However, halal meat is acceptable for consumption by devout Muslims."Halal" means "permissible in Arabic. For meat to be considered halal, it must be sloughtered by devout Muslims and meat the following conditions:  

  • Allah's name must be pronounced during slaughter.
  • The instrument must be very sharp to ensure humane slaughter. The animal must be slit at the throat.
  • The animal must not be unconscious
  • The animal must be hung upside down and allowed to bleed dry. Eating blood is not halal.
  • Many observant Muslims find kosher meat acceptable.
  • The animal must have been fed a natural diet that did not contain animal by-products.

Finding Halal Meat:

There are certain stores in the Triangle which sell halal meat. Do not purchase or encourage Muslim newcomers to purchase meat that is not clearly marked as halal. Following are stores which carry halal meat.

Durham/Morrisville: Spice Bazaar 4125 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd South Square, Durham, NC 27707 919.490.3747 Little India Store 4201 University Drive Durham, NC 919.439.9084 Suvidha Indo-Pak Groceries 3735 Davis Drive Morrisville, NC 27560 Mediterranean Frill & Grocery 5114 Reverie St. Durham, NC 27713 919.251.9366 Sabzi Mandi 1004 Lower Shiloh Way, #100 Morrisville, NC 27560 919.342.7171

Other Ethnic Grocery Stores: Li Ming’s Global Mart 3400 Westgate Dr. Durham, NC 27707 919.401.5212 Taiba Market 1008 W. Chapel Hill St. Durham, NC27707 919.688.7000 Food World 401 E. Lakewood Ave. Durham, NC 27707 Compare Foods 2000 Avondale Dr. Durham, NC 27704 OR 1233 University Dr. Durham, NC 27707

Raleigh: Al-Baraka Grocery 4001 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 919.838.5155 Almadina Supermarket 1019 Method Road Raleigh, NC 27607 919.755.6220

Cary: Olive Tree Market 270 Nottingham Drive Cary, NC 27511 919.481.0321 Super Grocery Store 743 East ChathamStreet Cary,NC 27511 Casablanca Market 1365 S.E. Maynard Road Cary, NC 27511

Many WalMarts carry Kosher meat.

Additionally, if in doubt, there are electronic tools and phone apps that volunteers and newcomers can use to identify halal meat while grocery shopping:

  • For iPhone: Zabihah, Halal Scanner, Halalsquare
  • For Android: Halal Food Finder, Masjid and Halal Finder, Just Halal, Halal Checker