Why purchase groceries for newly-arrived refugees?

When refugees first arrive to the United States, they do not have any food with them, nor do they have appropriate funding to buy food for their first week. Not to mention finding their way to the grocery store and navigating the aisles is a big task! In order to make refugees' transition easier, enough groceries to get them started is provided upon arrival. While refugees wait for their food stamps/EBT cards, WRD provides them with Food Lion gift cards. 

Who provides these groceries?

Ideally, an Good Neighbor Team (GNT) or Apartment Set-Up Team (ASUT) provides these as a donation. If there is no ASUT for an incoming refugee, WRD is required to use the incoming refugee's money to purchase the groceries. 

How do I know what groceries to buy and from where to buy them?

Click here to access grocery lists.

Choose the list that refers to your partnered refugees' ethnicity.    

Where in the apartment should I put the groceries?

WRD will inform you how to get the groceries into the apartment. Of course cold items should go in the fridge and other items will go in the cabinets. Use your best judgment as to in which cabinets to place the food. If a newly arrived refugee is joining roommates, all food should remain in the grocery bags, and you should tie up the bags. Please put as many items as possible in the fridge so that they will stay fresh longer (i.e., vegetables, fruit, etc.). 


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