The Good Neighbor Team

WHAT: A group of people partnered for friendship with a newly arrived refugee group  or family in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area)

NUMBER OF PEOPLE: At least four households
THE COMMITMENT: Weekly visits with your refugee partner for at least 6 months. With four households, this translates to a minimum of monthly contact for each GNT household!
THE GOAL: Friendship with a refugee partner. This is born out of assisting WRD with specific resettlement tasks, but the goal is relationship. 

Major Elements of a Good Neighbor Team: 

Apartment Set-Up: Create a home for your refugee partner by stocking their home with the essentials for them to start their new life (lists of required household items and groceries are provided by WRD). You can ask friends for donations, frequent yard sales, shop thrift stores or buy items new! Use your own truck or WRD’s box truck to move items into the apartment. Pray over each room and your incoming family as you set up.

Welcome Team: A few members of your GNT, along with an interpreter, will have the  honor of being the first to welcome your refugee partner to our country. After greeting them, you will assist with their luggage, transport them to their new home, go over a brief housing/safety checklist, and leave them with a culturally appropriate meal you have purchased. Create “Welcome to the U.S.” signs and even provide a small welcome gift!

Weekly Visits: For initial contact, GNTs can choose from a list of resettlement tasks such as ESL registration and school enrollment which occur during the refugee’s first month or so. These appointments supplement other weekly activities on weeks where you do not have an appointment or wish to have additional contact to facilitate relationship. Have your partnered family over for dinner, take them to the library, Duke Gardens, etc

How does a GNT get started? 

  • Each GNT member attends both Initial Engagement Orientation (IEO) and Sustained Engagement Orientation (SEO). Request to attend these orientations here. 

  • Each GNT member completes the volunteer application process by clicking here.

Contact: WRDvolunteer@ | 919.724.4816

The Good Neighbor Team

Click here for resources for GNTs who are already serving.

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