Friendship Partners (FPs) are friends with refugees who assist them in specific areas of need. When refugees arrive to the U.S., they are oftentimes isolated from the greater community or a support system. Friendship Partners (FPs) are individuals who want to love on the refugee community by spending time with them, showing them emotional support and assisting with their adjustment to the U.S. through relationship. FPs are individuals or groups who are partnered with an individual refugee or refugee family, and commit to visiting them every other week for at least six months.



6 month commitment in which you visit your partnered refugee every other week. 


  • Sign up and attend a volunteer orientation session

  • After orientation, you will be asked to apply to become an active volunteer at World Relief Durham.

  • Once an active volunteer you will be paired with a refugee partner

  • You will be responsible for reading the HUB (informational) document to learn about your partner before meeting

  • Attend an initial meeting with your refugee and interpreter (if required).

  • Discuss needs/desires of the refugee partner and ways you can help (WRD will have some idea and communicate specific needs the refugee may have and ways you can help)

  • Set up times to meet consistently with your partner.

  • Check our the volunteer toolkit for helpful resources.

  • Check out some suggested activities to participate in with your friendship partner.

  • Record and report monthly volunteer hours served through the WRD website

Contact:WRDvolunteer@ | 919.724.4816