Give a Financial Gift to Refugees

Financial gifts can make a huge difference for our refugee friends. Read below how one refugee family was impacted by a generous donation. 

The “E” family was one of the first Congolese families to arrive in the Durham area. The family was from a rural village in a warm, humid climate and struggled with maintaining their apartment. After a few months, the apartment developed a mold problem and the family’s possessions were infested with bed bugs. 

To have their home repaired, the family needed to leave their apartment for four days. Because they were the only Congolese family in the area, they did not know anyone else. WRD tried helping them get admitted to a shelter temporarily, but the waiting list was weeks long. WRD was able to use private donations to pay for a hotel room for the family to stay in and to cover some of the repair costs in the apartment.

The funding that WRD receives from federal and state grants allows it to cover the costs of basic services. WRD hopes to go the extra mile in providing for refugees financially. Private donations allow refugees to grow closer to self-sufficiency, and financial gifts can offset the cost of rent or provide grocery gift cards while refugees are job-searching. One year, churches’ financial generosity provided all of the funding needed for emergency rent for job-seeking refugees.

You can leave a financial gift through the button below, or by writing a check to World Relief Durham. Checks can be mailed or dropped off at our office at 801 Gilbert St. Durham, 27701 (more details can be found here).

How financial gifts can bring self-sufficiency to refugees: