What is the Donations Organization Team?

When refugees arrive to the Triangle area, they take with them only the belongings they can bring on a plane. Refugees need furniture, household items and supplies to fill these apartments, as well as clothing for the changing seasons and items for their children. The local church and wider community bless incoming refugee families by donating these items (check out accepted donations or schedule a donation drop-off here).

WRD stores these items in our clothing closet, where we keep clothing, toys, backpacks, school supplies and unsorted donations (located in the same building as the WRD offices) and a warehouse, where we keep furniture and all items needed to set up an apartment (located offsite).

The Donations Organization Team keeps the clothing closet and the warehouse organized and inventoried. They also help transport items to the appropriate location and streamline organizational systems.

How do I join the Donations Organization Team?

Each member of the Donations Organization Team must complete the volunteer application process.

What is this team's structure? 

Two Sections of the team:

The Clothing Closet

Location: The John O’Daniel Exchange (same building as the WRD offices): 801 Gilbert Street, Durham NC 27701 (located in the basement of the building)
Use: Newly-arrived refugees are taken to the clothing closet so they may gather personal items. 
What is stored here: Clothes, shoes, bags, toys, baby items, school supplies and backpacks. Because in-kind donors drop off donations to our office, we also store unsorted donations in the clothing closet. Items that do no belong there are then taken to the warehouse.

The Warehouse:

Location: 708 Ellis Road, Building 39, Bay 113.
Use: The warehouse is used to store items for apartment set-ups. 
What is stored here: All items that are required for apartment set-ups are stored here. 

Who are section team members and what are their expectations?

Both the clothing closet section and the warehouse section have an allowed unlimited number of section team members.

Section team members are responsible for:


  • Carrying out and following directions of the organizational system.
  • Following all volunteer protocols and trainings
  • Organizing and sorting spaces
  • Communicating any issues with WRD staff.


To be done as-needed:

  • Take all basic needs support form items from the clothing closet to the warehouse using the WRD box truck, if necessary, and sorting them into the correct place.
  • Keep track of inventory using the inventory system (this involves counting items in the warehouse)
  • Organize each item into it’s proper labeled box, shelf or location
  • Update or add labels
  • Throw away trash using the on-site dumpsters or the Dump
  • Bring any items not included on the Basic Needs Support or our donations page to a local Thrift Store (Durham Rescue Mission or Trosa are great options
    • Note: Even if an item is in good condition, if it is not on the BNS form, we cannot keep it in the warehous
  • Bring clothing, shoes or toys back to our office and put them in the clothing closet
  • Take all BNS items from the WRD clothing closet/office spaces to the WRD warehouse
  • Unload box truck into appropriate places (either clothing closet or warehouse)
  • Sweep warehouse floor (exposed floor)
  • Wash linens at local laundry mat
  • Understand the use of the box truck
  • Become familiar with directions to and from the warehouse
  • Team members communicate frequently with WRD staff
  • Help mobilize people to stock warehouse with donations (not responsible for this, but simply helping gain momentum)
  • Pray for refugees who will be receiving items; pray over items that they will specifically bless the refugees who will be receiving them

Clothing Closet: Click the link for instructions 

Time Commitment:

Volunteer once a month for three hours to organize the clothing closet or the warehouse, depending on what team you are on.

Click here to access the Donations Organization Team Checklist.