Core Services

Core services are the basic, government-mandated services that all refugee resettlement agencies in the nation are required to provide every refugee that is resettled through them. The purpose of core services is to help refugees reach self-sufficiency. Unless otherwise listed, all of these service must be completed within 30 days of refugees' arrival.

For a full list of core services, download the document "Core Services"

For steps on providing specific core services, please use the below links:

Who is responsible for core services?

World Relief Durham is responsible for ensuring that core services are completed for each refugee. When volunteers agree to provide a core service, they are taking on the responsibility of completing them, and doing so as instructed. 

Core Services and Good Neighbor Teams:

A GNT's goal is to form mutually-beneficial relationships with their partnered refugees. GNTs have to option to kick-start a friendship with their partnered refugees by engaging in core services. Core services can supplement GNT's weekly visits up to their first five weeks working with their partnered refugee family, if they desire.