Hours and Timeframe:

Full time interns serve a minimum of four full, eight hour days.  Full time interns serve at least one academic semester.

Part time interns serve between 16 and 24 hours a week. Part time interns serve a minimum of two semesters.

All interns must have the capability to serve at occasionally early appointments, starting their work day as early as 7:45.  (Again, this is only very occasionally.)

Internship Description

This internship is not for the faint of heart! Our case management interns hit the ground running and spend their intern days taking their supervisor's cases to appointments (~60% of their time) and doing administrative tasks that support the resettlement of these cases (~40% of their time). This includes a substantial amount of refugee transportation, waiting rooms, and non-stop days. You will work alongside other case management interns and be supported and invested in by your supervisor. All of our case management interns finish their internship saying they have grown in independence, advocacy, organization, and an impressive ability to problem solve in a job that never goes as planned. The administrative side of this internship requires the ability to be detail-oriented, organized, and efficient. We are willing to help you grow in these skills if you are willing to show up every day with a good, open attitude.