Bus Assistance: First Day of School

The first day of school is usually a stressful thing for both refugee students and parents. Being there to help the student(s) find the bus stop and get on the correct bus will take a huge burden off of the family.


  1. Depending on the county, you will either receive the bus stop and bus number information from the school or website. You can always call the school and ask about the bus schedule -- just have the students name and birthdate ready

  2. Let the family know what time you will arrive on the first day of school and stress at what time they should be ready to leave their apartment adn walk to the bus stop. Always plan to get to the bus stop 15-20 minutes earlier than estimated arrival times. Sometimes buses come early and sometimes they come late. It is best to be prepared and to teach the family to be early!

  3. The morning of the first day of school, take the student(s) and a parent(s) to the bus stop and help them find the bus with the correct number in the window. Let the parents know what time the bus should return. Again, stress the importance of getting there 15 minutes earlier than the estimated time. Also, inform the parents that if the their children are in elementary school they need to be at the bus stop to receive the children off the bus. Older children in middle and high school do not have to be met at the bus stop.