Are you driving anywhere for your spring break? If so, you can help potential victims of human trafficking while you drive. How?

It's really simple. Download this packet with posters focused on labor and sex trafficking. Every poster has the human trafficking hotline that people can call to report tips or seek help for themselves. Print posters off. Buy tape. And then just drive to your destination.

Put the posters up in the bathrooms at truck stops, gas stations, and restaurants along the way. Sex trafficking often happens at truck stops and people who are victims of labor trafficking are often moved from place to place throughout the state. It's really that easy. While you are at it, use facebook and twitter to spread the word to your friends about the reality of human trafficking in North Carolina. Tag us to let us know what you're doing!

Here's an overview of the Poster Project on Prezi (thanks World Relief High Point!).

Make sure to check out our post on our 5k walk for more information and resources to use as you drive for justice this Spring Break.