Well, we've almost made it: our fiscal year ends this month. At points, we've been overwhelmed with arrivals (around 40 people in December!) and we've watched the weeks go by without anyone coming (nobody came in April). We learned that Iraqi refugees were calling their cellphones "My Obama"(come to a volunteer orientation to find out why). We've partnered with churches to support ESL programs and we had our first human trafficking awareness event. In short, it's been a full, exciting, and occasionally nerve racking year. We've had some incredible growth as well, and so we wanted to share with you some highlights.

It's not too late to give generously to refugees and to donate to our work. There are many other important factors that can't be quantified: lives touched, grief shared, hope given, lessons learned, meals eaten, first experiences, long waits at Social Services, kids playing across language barriers, first words of English spoken (or Spanish...or Arabic or...). Jesus said that when we welcome strangers, we welcome him. We are so blessed to have been welcoming Jesus with you this past year and look forward to continuing this joyful work next (fiscal) year. Keep an eye out for a state wide update via email.