I can't imagine their feelings, the weight of the tragedy. An Iraqi refugee family recently buried their 7 year old daughter. It's overwhelming and heartbreaking. We have been and continue to raise money to help cover the costs of the funeral. A family beset with so many burdens--starting over in a new country, navigating the loss of a child--shouldn't have to worry about the financial costs of death in America. The daughter was in the hospital for a week or two. The family practically lived there at the hospital. Many volunteers stopped by to help as they could: sit in silence, listen to frustrations, bring some food, share some kind words, pray together. A nurse told one of the people supporting this family that she noticed something. Many of the visitors of this Muslim family were Christian. Christians and Muslims, sharing life together, even its dark and bitterly painful moments. It's a scene that the media doesn't often show. Not fighting, fear, hatred, and prejudice; just living together, celebrating and now grieving, together. The nurse noticed it. And it should offer us hope, hope for this family, hope for our city, and hope for this country. People can and are loving each other, across various "boundaries," in extraordinarily difficult times. Email us (tmcgee@wr.org) to find out how to donate to this family.