To start a business is difficult, but to do so as a resettled refugee seems it would be nearly impossible.

However, Saba and her husband Ammar would face the challenges of this task with open arms.

Their family came to the U.S. from Egypt in February as refugees resettled by World Relief of the Triangle. As a family, they began to make the same adjustments as any other refugee family: they connected with a Good Neighbor Team (GNT), they moved into an apartment, and they began ESL classes, to name a few.

 Despite these challenges of entering into a new culture, only four months later this family would bring a whole new meaning to the idea of self-sufficiency that WRT strives for.

Saba, Ammar’s wife, decided to start her own catering company, similar to one that she had when she was in Egypt. Her catering company serves Arabic and Middle Eastern dishes, including their celebrated chicken fataa with salad and hummus.

“It is exciting to start a family business,” Ammar said, “I want to encourage [Saba] to go ahead. I want her to have her own job and confidence.”

On May 19th World Relief of the Triangle helped the family host a kick-off event for their catering business: Fataa Catering. The kick-off eventwas a tasting in the Hargraves Picnic Shelter in Chapel Hill.

Twenty-five people showed up, and of course Ammar was there, along with many volunteers from the family’s GNT and from World Relief Durham.

“Of course World Relief of the Triangle helped us so much,” Ammar said, “Marissa was a good helper, and of course Sam and Christina Benton. All of the volunteers helped us out a lot. ”

Fortunately, this event is not the last; the next event is planned for some time in June. As for now, a group of volunteers through  World Relief of the Triangle surprised Saba with donations of various baking and cake decorating supplies to further her business and learning, which leaves Ammar feeling optimistic about the future.

“I hope this business will be a new start for us.”