DREAM Sabbath September 16th to October 9th Be a Voice for Undocumented Students!

From September 16th to October 9th, congregations across the United States will lift up the lives of DREAM students in prayers, readings, reflection and education during at least one Sabbath service as a way to help educate and spread awareness of DREAM students and their hopes to attain full recognition of their contributions to this country. The large showing of support by faith groups will hopefully continue to build momentum for the DREAM Act in Congress. Would your congregation consider doing any of the following this fall?

  • Inviting a DREAM student (which World Relief Advocacy can help coordinate) to share his/her testimony at a service
  • Showing a video of a DREAM student (sample videos will be available in the near future)
  • Praying as a congregation for the DREAM student and if comfortable, praying for our elected officials to have the courage to support and pass the DREAM Act
  • A call to action for members to pray and fast for the DREAM student who shared his/her testimony and the thousands in our country
  • Passing out a bulletin insert with prayer points about DREAM youth so folks can be reminded to pray throughout the week

Please note the service doesn’t have to be called DREAM Sabbath nor does the whole service have to be dedicated to the DREAM student. Also, congregations do not necessarily have to tie the hardships that many undocumented students face to a piece of legislation, but to just highlight their stories which in and of itself is very impactful. This will give congregants an opportunity for prayer and reflection about a very real issue of pain happening within own communities.

This packet of information contains a plethora of resources to help a congregation with their DREAM Sabbath, including stories of DREAM students, bulletin inserts, theological reflections, sermon starters, myths and facts about the DREAM Act, a sample agenda for a DREAM Sabbath event, and much more.

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For more information or any questions, please check out www.interfaithimmigration.org or contact advocacy@wr.org