News for the Volunteer & Donor-Heroes of World Relief Durham

Dear friends,

THANK YOU for your tremendously kind support of our refugee and immigrant neighbors throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Your generosity has provided critical support for some of the most marginalized members of our community, whose vulnerabilities have heightened in the wake of the pandemic. Thank you for being a force for good during such a challenging time.

After losing his job a month into the COVID-19 crisis, Mohammed didn't know how he was going to pay for rent and food for his wife and three children. Having received resettlement support from World Relief Durham when he came to the US as a refugee, he knew he could turn to us for compassionate support. Thanks to your kindness, Mohammed and his family were able to cover their rent and meet other basic needs while being supported to find new employment.

Since the pandemic began, we've assisted hundreds of refugees and immigrants like Mohammed with rent, urgent living expenses, and food aid; assisted clients in accessing unemployment services; held virtual driver's education and ESL classes; offered virtual bilingual academic tutoring for students in partnership with Durham Public Schools and the United Way of the Greater Triangle (UWGT); provided critical immigration legal services, and more. We recognize that all of this is possible because of your generosity.

Thank you for standing with our refugee and immigrant neighbors as they continue to face difficulties and uncertainty with resilience and strength. It is an honor to partner with you to make our community a place where all can flourish together.

Adam Clark, Office Director



Your partnership has provided essential support for 320 refugees and immigrants in our community since the pandemic started through the following innovative, multilingual, and culturally responsive programs and services:

COVID-19 public health outreach: Disseminated critical COVID-19 information and public health safety information in 11 languages utilizing a multilingual texting app; provided masks to hundreds of vulnerable families; ensuring ongoing public health education and mental health support through COVID-19 community ambassadors working with refugee clients.

Unemployment relief: 30 households were assisted in accessing unemployment assistance and pandemic relief services.

Rent assistance and food aid was provided to more than 60 families struggling to meet basic needs due to pandemic related job losses, thanks to funding from UWGT and the Durham Congregations in Action Emergency Food and Shelter Program. Churches and volunteers delivered food to families hardest hit by COVID-19, including produce boxes donated by Woodcrest Farms and 70 50-lb. bags of rice donated by Islamic Relief USA through Rise Against Hunger

Technology distribution: Provided 47 laptops and tablets to ESL and Driver's Education course participants for virtual learning, and provided technology literacy support.

Virtual youth tutoring & enrichment: All bilingual academic tutoring sessions were transitioned to virtual delivery for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, and have resumed for the 2020-2021 school year in partnership with Durham Public Schools and UWGT. Thanks to UWGT and The Triangle Community Foundation, 50 youth participated in a virtual three-week camp and provided camp kits with hands-on learning activities.

Family reunification & status renewal legal services were provided for 39 clients and their families, including DACA application preparations.

Advocacy: Coordinated advocacy letter writing from WRD, community partners, and partner churches to advocate for DACA and release of migrants from ICE detention.