I have a simple idea for Christmas this year. Instead of collecting gifts for refugee kids, what if we help refugee parents shop for their kids themselves? It's one thing to see your kids receive gifts from others. It's different when you get to pick out the gifts yourself.

I assume everyone agrees that this is a good idea, so the question is, how do we do it?

How do we give the gift of giving?It's pretty easy, actually. Over 90% of our clients have church and community volunteers working with them. They are already in relationship with these families. Not all of them can afford to give these parents enough money to buy gifts for their kids, but my guess is most would have the time and desire to take the parents shopping. So, all we need to do is raise the money to give to the refugees and volunteers. The volunteers can take pictures and we will post them here so that those who give can share in the fun. I know it is less satisfying than buying and wrapping the gifts. I get it. But sometimes the less satisfying choice for us is the best way to love and serve others. We give gifts at Christmas not to feel better about ourselves anyways.

We give to remember the joy that is ours because God so selflessly gave everything God had, God's very life, to us. To give parents who have arrived in the last year $30-$40 for each kid under 18 means we need to raise $1,800-$2,500.

Donate online now. Checks can be mailed to our office: 801 Gilbert St. #209 Durham, NC 27701. Please let us know on the memo line that it is for Christmas giving. We know we're running a little late on announcing this: sometimes obvious ideas take a while to think up. Please help us spread the word to your church, office, neighborhood, friends, family, and anyone else you know.