What would you take? What precious things would you have to leave behind? Refugees come over with what they can carry, bringing clothes and other essentials. Many come with gifts, like handmade shirts and bags, for those who help them in the U.S. As our fiscal year ends, we want to have an end of the year "blow out" give away.

We want refugees to know they have what they need and maybe even have a few things they want. Many of the refugees here are extremely generous. It is often hard to leave their home without sharing a drink or even a meal. We have the chance to return the favor, to show them that they've helped us become more generous. Refugees need cars. Students and families need computers. TV's and DVD players allow them to watch familiar movies (Bollywood for the Bhutanese!) and also use ESL curriculum. Gift cards to grocery stores allow them to buy food above and beyond the necessary items. Rice cookers, microwaves, and vacuum cleaners are helpful. Winter is approaching and they'll soon need coats, hats, and gloves. We need to stock up on basic items (like comforters, sheets for twin beds, blankets, and toiletries). But we also want refugees to have more than just the minimum needed to survive here. We want them to feel blessed, abundantly.

Refugees come with what they can carry, and many come carrying gifts for others.

Our fiscal year ends September 30th. What will you do this month to abundantly bless our newest neighbors? For suggestions or more information, please email tmcgee@wr.org and acastle@wr.org. All donations are tax-deductible.