Church Partnership



The Nations Have Arrived in the Triangle God has brought the nations to our doorsteps. The Bible is filled with instruction that the Church is to love those who have crossed over into our land. World Relief believes it is essential to partner with the local Church as a foundation for seeing the most vulnerable transformed economically, socially and spiritually. WRD pursues true partnership out of the genuine conviction that our vision cannot be achieved without the gifts, people, skills and varied resources of the whole Church.

God has blessed the Triangle:

World Relief of the Triangle and newcomers in the Triangle are continually blessed by the network of solid, Gospel-centered churches in the area that God has empowered to selflessly leverage their lives for newcomers. Reaching the nations no longer exclusively means traveling across the world and engaging in international missions. Serving the nations is now part of both international and local, or “glocal” missions.
Pursuing a partnership with WRD: World Relief of the Triangle believes that true partnership with a local Church comes from both members of the local Church’s congregation and its leaders using time, talent and treasure to support newcomers in the Triangle. Additionally, partnership is mutually beneficial. WRT wants to be in relationship with the local Church, supporting it in prayer, time and resources. WRT wants to dream alongside the local Church. If WRT does not have the resources or assistance that a local church is seeking, WRT will use its network to refer a local church to another organization. If a volunteer or leader is interested in partnership with WRT, contact the church engagement specialist.