Donate // Goods

We are so thankful to our in-kind donors who donate their goods to our refugee clients.


Small household items and other light donations:

Volunteers can drop these off at the WRD office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Large Furniture Items:

Donors and volunteers can arrange for pick-up of large furniture donations by filling out the “Large Donations Pickup Form” below. For questions about donations, contact Ben Francis (Resource Specialist) at


Ongoing Donation Needs:

To view our constant needs, click the “Ongoing Donation Needs” link on the right sidebar. You can also view our Basic Needs Support (BNS) Form, which lists the items that WRD is required to provide or procure for all refugee clients.

Immediate Donation Needs:

To view our more urgent needs, view the “immediate donations” list on the right sidebar.

(Currently, we are most in need of men’s shoes, couches, umbrellas and flash drives. If you would like to donate these, email Kaylee Baker,


Click here to download a printable version of this page that you can distribute to those interested in donating to WRD.


Please be considerate and thoughtful when donating by remembering that these items should be in good, working/wearable condition.

Rule of thumb: if an item is in a condition that you would not use or wear, then refugees and newcomers would not use or wear the item either.  If you do not see the items you would like to donate listed below, we do not accept it. Consider donating the item to other organizations in the area.

Note: all of the items listed below are items that WRD accepts for donations at any time. If you’re interested in learning more about our specific donations needs (both immediate and ongoing), refer to the sidebar.

Items listed in red should be donated in brand new condition.

School Supplies:

Flash drives, spiral notebooks; highlighters; colored pencils; binders; multi-colored dry erase markers; pens, pencils, and paper (especially for our ESL adult classes); backpacks — for both children and adults; Bible & other adult books


Twin beds (mattresses, box springs, and frames); set of drawers, shelves, or dressers; kitchen table and chairs; couches/sofas; lamps

Baby Needs:

Diapers (Sizes 1-4)baby wipesbaby oilbaby powderdiaper rash ointmentbaby food; car seats (please check the expiration date on the bottom of these items so that we can make sure they fit within the safety regulations); toys; blankets; kid’s books; hair brushes

Cleaning Supplies:

Bathroom and kitchen cleanersponges, cleaning rags, paper towelsdish soaplaundry detergenttrash bagstoilet bowl brush; 2 waste baskets; mop and broom

Gift Cards:

Food Lion and Walmart

Kitchen Items:

Forks, knives, spoons; plates, bowls, cups; pots and pans; mixing/serving Bowls; spatulas, wooden spoons, and other cooking utensils; can openers; rice cookers

Linen and Other Household Items:

Pillows; shower curtain and rings; towels; mattress pads; sheets & pillowcases; blankets; alarm clocks; paper, pen, and/or pencils; light bulbs


Toilet papershampoosoaptoothbrushtoothpasterazors (men and women)deodorantfeminine hygiene products

Less Frequent Needs:

Double or Queen size beds (mattresses, box springs, and frames); Double or Queen sheets and blankets; children’s beds/cribs; children’s sheets and blankets; side tables; coffee tables; high chairs; strollers; vacuums; tea kettles; hand mixers; umbrellas; microwaves; sewing machines; bikes; wheelchairs

We are always in need of clothing, especially for men. Below are specific needs:

Men’s Clothing:

Coats (Sizes Small and Medium)
Shirts (Sizes Small, Medium, and Large)
Pants (Waist Size 32 and smaller)
Shoes (Sizes 9 and smaller)

Women’s Clothing:

At this time, we are NOT accepting any women’s clothing.

Coats (Sizes Small and Medium)
Tops (Sizes Small, Medium, and Large)
Bottoms (Sizes 10 and smaller)
Shoes (Sizes 9 and smaller)

Employment Attire:

Black treadsafe work shoes
Neutral-colored shirts
Neutral-colored head scarves (for women)

Children’s Clothing:

All sizes are welcome.

Miscellaneous Clothing Items:

Boots — Winter & Work

By filling out the form below, donors and volunteers can arrange for pick-up of large furniture donations — our scheduled pick-up day is Thursday. Please note that this is not for picking up smaller items. For questions about donations, contact Ben Francis (Resource Specialist) at