Building Relationships with Refugees

Below you can find links to a number of resources that will help you learn more about a refugee's cultural and religious background, as well as ways to serve despite the cultural barrier


Cultural Information

This page includes biographical data and other information for countries from which we receive refugees. It also includes several books, documentaries, and movies that are relevant to refugees.

Cross Cultural Bridge-Building

Click the above link to read a few tips that may help volunteers and clients get to know one another better.

Culture Shock

Refugees often experience culture shock and it may last for years after a refugee arrives. This page provides some perspectives to help volunteers understand the phases of culture shock a newly arrived refugee may experience.

International Perspectives on American Culture

What do forieng cultures think of America. Click the link above to find what some people have thought about America.

Language Barriers & Conversation Starters

This page provides some practical tips for how to communicate with refugees.

Ethnic Restaurants to Visit

Here is a list of numerous ethnic restaurants that are great for either welcome meals, or places for volunteers to eat with their partnered refugees.

Friendship Activities

A list of ideas for things to do with partnered refugees. Many of the activities are for practical purposes of readjustment, while others are simply for fun.

World Religions Information

This page has detailed information on the religious backgrounds of many of our arrivng refugees.

Befriending Refugees Beyond Case Closing

What happens when a refugee and their family reaches sustainability?